TransLevanT - Technologies:
The new millennium has given a new direction to the new technologies' integration in each sectors of the human life. TransLevant – Technologies has fully realized .... moreTransLevanT_Technologies.html
TransLevanT - Communications:
The Communication revolution has changed the world during the last 20 years by allowing instantaneous communication across the globe, especially via the Internet .... moreTransLevanT_Communications.html
TransLevanT - Educations:
We are a strong believer of Education. We make it our duty to bring the most modernized and effective solutions to enhance the educational process .... moreTransLevanT_Education.html
TransLevanT - Fashion:
Fashion functions in various ways including, to identify, to express, to beautify, and to adorn. 
Fashion trends take a lot of factors into consideration .... moreTransLevanT_Fashion.html
TransLevanT - Automotive:
we are here to help you achieve your objective. We have access to and experts in the supply of original and replacement spare parts for vehicles of all types, as well as tires and .... moreTransLevanT_Automotive.html
TransLevanT - Business Solutions:
through its strategic partnership with Oxford Professionals aims to provide our clients with superior business integrated services of Accounting, Internal Audit, Business Advisory and Management Training .... moreTransLevanT_Business_Solutions.html
TransLevanT - Media:
We are specialized in the integration of media and technology. As a consultant or an investment partner, TransLevant - Media can assist property owners, developers and media companies charged .... moreTransLevanT_Media.html
TransLevanT - Hospitality:
With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, TransLevant – Hospitality is looking to expand its business in this field by introducing new international restaurant chains .... moreTransLevanT_Hospitality.html